Offering: Hearts For Spare Parts

I thought I knew what I craved.
“Thank goodness” I thought, “I’m saved.”
But I’m lost forevermore in this cold dark night.
I can’t give up, though. I’ve got to fight.
I thought for sure I found my path.
You give me hope, you give me faith.

As the light grew dim. I knew very well
Exactly what it was, though, I could not tell.
For once again, I had become confused.
My heart, my mind, they had both been used.
Not for good, definitely not for intended purposes.
But I can no longer sit here and pretend.

I should have known it would come to this.
My love(which was lust) crumbled in your fist.
Thrown away. I’m not needed right anymore
You’ve pieced together your heart, many times before.
So, why read a manual? Why use self-help books?
When you can use a wrecked heart for spare parts…


Christmas with Caro

I love women with accents. Now, this is given I can understand the words that come out of their mouth. If their speech is fast and sloppy, it’s not going to be attractive no matter what language or accent. Every time I’m over my friend Shelly’s house I’m always entertained. Her family is Russian so I’m always hearing them yell at each other in Russian and speaking with a slight accent no matter how long they’ve been in this country.

Christmas is rapidly approaching. There’s only 11 days left until Christmas. that means 10 more shopping days. Fellas, you know what that means, 10 more days until we actually decide to go shopping. I was good for seven years, but that was because my ex-wife always did the gift buying. My first Xmas without her and I still haven’t bought a single gift. I don’t think this Christmas will be the same though…A lot has happened within my rather large family this year. My uncle passed away, a few of my cousin’s either got married or had kids, and I got divorced. It’s been a rough year, and frankly, I’m ready for it’s completion.

Okay, so enough of the melodramatic crap! I came across a beautiful and talented singer by the name of Caro Emerald. Perez Hilton labels her as the Dutch Adele. That’s a pretty spot on way of describing her, too. Here’s a festive song by her featuring Brooke Benton, You’re All I Want For Christmas. (How fitting, because all I really want for Christmas is You….)

English: Dutch jazz singer Caro Emerald at Zoe...

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Review – Friend of The People – Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco Concert
Image by kevin813 via Flickr

I love music. Music has the ability to make me feel happy, sad, depressed, ecstatic, etc. It plays a huge part in my life. I feel that without music, I would be a lost puppy looking for shelter. Honestly, if it weren’t for a select few musicians, I may not be here today.

Lately, I’ve been listening to music that is very thought-provoking or has a deep meaning. Take Lupe Fiasco for instance. Most of his songs are so well crafted in terms of lyrics. I consider him to be a very intelligent man. He released a mix tape on Thanksgiving Day titled “Friend of the People.”

One of the songs that stand out the most for me is the one titled “The End of the World”.  In the song he raps about the struggles going on in Palestine and the Occupy Wall Street movement amongst other things. Lupe Fiasco has always been a supporter of peaceful movements and always tries to use his music and his position as a well-known rapper to support the struggles for justice around the world. This song is no different.

If you haven’t done so yet, download the mix tape. You wont regret it. He appeals to so many groups of people here. He even reaches out to the dubstep scene by using a widely known sample by Bassnectar ft Ellie Goulding [Lights]. The man is a lyrical genius. I often times find it hard deciding who to listen to following him.

What are some good thought-provoking musicians??

Early Morning Bliss

When you have a bad dream, and I mean a really bad dream(the one where you check to make sure you didnt soil yourself), who do you turn to first? For me, usually it’s a person of the opposite sex whom I’m close to. In my particular situation, it’s not a female whom I’m dating but we do fool around every now and then. We’ll call her Shelly.

This is a little something I wrote about a morning we spent on the beach waiting for the sun to rise. I wish I could let her read it but where things are with us, I don’t wanna ruin anything.

Early Morning Decadence


there’s some candles and shot glasses
we sit there in the sand
five hours ago i wanted out
out of this cruel world
but now, i just want more.
the sun barely brushing the horizon
it’s perfect already
we lay there in silence
but it’s oh so loud

sand in our shoes
cigarettes in hand
polluting the air
there’s bottles in the sand
the ocean is calm
but the waves crashing
are oh so loud.

your head in my chest
this moment is so perfect
no where in this world i’d rather be
than right here, you with me.

It’s seven a.m. and finally
the ever present star
shines brightly upon us
tears flowing from a rough day
a rough life
you say things wont get better
but at this moment
they can’t possibly get worse….

we’re safe
laying on the sand
with your head in my chest
sleeping away your worries
or at least hoping to
but they will return
and they will haunt you
so let’s enjoy what we have
here and now.

your head in my chest
this moment is so perfect
no where in this world i’d rather be
than right here, you with me…

I’m sorry, but i’m a little random…speaking of shot glasses though…check this out the link below.

Only The Strong

So, today I embark on a new journey. What journey might that be, you ask? A journey to re-establish my mark as a creative staple here on Earth. I’ve been gone for far too long and I think that this may be exactly what I need in order to recapture my identity(more on that later).

Let me give you a little taste of what you’ll find here at the Artistic Exposé. Here’s a piece I wrote recently.

Only The Strong


Memories of times past haunt the present,
Not letting me continue my stride
We weren’t in love, we were angry birds
Hangin from the last line in each argument…
Tryin to figure out what went wrong
Tryin to stay strong
But the weak get left behind
Which one am I?
Am I further ahead or at the back of the pack?
Will I be able to pull forward
But would I move sluggishly to the top
Or steadily climb like the cream of the crop?

Countless nights, indulging in vices to move along
No particular way to go, the roads are winding
Some intertwine.
Some lead to the cul-de-sac
Which closes once you enter
A one-way portal, if you will
Repeating past mistakes
Not able to learn
The twine spinning round the spool
Tangling shit up on the way
Closing off escape routes
Ruining your day.

So I sit here on this miserable evening
not wanting to follow in the steps of the weather
the beating beads of rain upon my window pane
can evoke terrible feelings, strange feelings
feelings I could probably overcome
feelings I should probably overcome
but do I have the strength to push forth
do I have what it takes to make it through another day?